4 Last Songs

Excerpt from Bejart’s ‘4 Last Songs’ for The Australian Ballet performed by Lisa Bolte, Steven Heathcote with Lisa Pavane, Ulrike Lytton, Anna De Cardi, 1989.


Peggy Van Praagh’s ‘Coppelia’, The Australian Ballet, Prayer Variation, Act 3, performed by Lisa Bolte, 1990

The Sleeping Beauty

Maina Gielgud’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’, The Australian Ballet , Japan Tour, 1992, Lisa Bolte.

At the edge of night

At the Edge of Night, Pas de Deux by Stephen Baynes for The Australian Ballet, performed by Lisa Bolte and Robert Curran, 1997.


Etudes Choreography by Harald Lander , Music by Carl Czerny, The Australian Ballet, Lisa Bolte, Robert Curran.

La Sylphide Act 1

Excerpt from Act 1 La Sylphide, The Australian Ballet with Lisa Bolte as La Sylphide and Robert Curran as James, 2005